Hunger Games Network plugin (Version 1.5):
MapLoaderSetup plugin (Version 1.2): MapLoaderSetup.jar


Survival Games 1
Survival Games 2
Survival Games 3


For installation instructions, go here.

Thank you for taking interest in The Hunger Games Network!


Version 1.5

  • Added a setting for time before a round begins (minutes-before-start in the config)
  • Fixed issues relating to invisible players
  • Dead players appear as red in the player list now
  • Dead players have red names in chat (replaces the ugly “[SPEC]” tag)
  • OP players have gray names
  • Corrected player count on the central server list
  • Fixed many crash bugs related to the server list
  • Fixed spectating players appearing on the Server List as legitimate players remaining
  • Prevented conflict between MapLoaderSetup and HungerGames (HungerGames will remain enabled; MapLoaderSetup will go away)
  • Fixed a major game-crashing Exception in Classic mode
  • Fixed many spectator-related Exceptions
  • Fixed erroneous messages being sent to spectators about their command usage
  • The kick screen after the round ends displays who won
  • The server list now shows the “Game in progress” message even in custom map mode
  • The Minecraft server list now properly displays players remaining after the round has started
  • Fixed localization on /list
  • Endermen no longer pick up nor place blocks
  • Fixed a bug related to kills with arrows
  • Fixed an issue related to chat
  • Fixed the display of max players for custom maps
  • Shortened logout time to 15 seconds
  • Made a workaround to overriding /help
  • Fixed a situation in which alive players would be able to see spectators
  • Rounds now end after 25 minutes (with notices in-game)
  • Spectators are now reminded of /help
  • Added a message to /rewards about offline/cracked servers
  • Duplicate server list entries will automatically be removed
  • Fixed player counts in server list entries
  • /stats for simple stats
  • Changed /rewards to /shop
  • Packets are handled on a synchronized task (hopefully no more spontaneous NullPointerExceptions)
  • Players can no longer run off their pedestal during lag and open chests (custom map mode)
  • Fixed /who and /players
  • (MapLoaderSetup) Added confirmation to removal of spawnpoints
  • (MapLoaderSetup) Added /breakable [add|remove] all

Version 1.4

  • Added a spectator mode. To become a spectator, re-join the game after you’ve died or join a game in progress.
  • Spectators can teleport to other people with the /tp command
  • Spectators cannot break or place blocks, open any containers, toggle doors/levers, press buttons, spawn items, pick up items, drop items, chat with non-spectators, or use any commands other than a teleport command. They are also given creative mode to fly.
  • Ops can now create/destroy blocks in the standby world
  • Added user-contributed zh_CN localization (Note: please contact us if there’s something wrong or inappropriate about any of the translations)
  • Player food saturation is reset to the same amount as eating a single raw fish or melon slice at the beginning of the round
  • Fixed a NullPointerException related to cause of death

Version 1.3

  • Fixed kills with bows not being credited to the player
  • Added a server promotional token redemption system
  • Fixed many localization bugs
  • Chunks in classic mode no longer stay in memory after they’re generated
  • Fixes many other small bugs

Known issues:

  • Some localization is missing

Version 1.2

  • If there’s more than one custom map in the map folder, it will randomly select one to start and then rotate randomly through them
  • Added the ability to change the current and next maps with /map (OPs only)
  • Local chat within 25 blocks is enabled by default and can be disabled in config.yml
  • Localization (French and German). You can change this in the config file (you may have to delete the config file and let it re-create itself)
  • Fixed an issue with blockhats and death
  • Mobs in the arena world (the one everyone is teleported to) are cleared at the beginning of the round
  • Fixed an issue with compass targets not updating properly
  • Fixed /rewards showing a rather lengthy points amount
  • Players in custom maps can now only walk .5 blocks away from their spawn point before the round begins
  • Fixed an issue where the time before round start was being announced incorrectly
  • The standby world is no longer erased in classic mode

Version 1.1

  • Rewrote all of the network-related code. The plugin runs significantly faster than it used to.
  • Maps are no longer bundled with the download. They have to be downloaded separately (mostly due to dev.bukkit issues and not being approved)
  • Added a silly new reward (thank Paul/Schokopudding for this) called “block hats.”
  • Changed logout time limit from 60 to 30 seconds
  • Death from starvation
  • Creepers no longer break blocks
  • Mobs are removed from the standby lobby
  • Messages are added to remind people to select a kit in Classic Mode
  • A setting in config.yml to hide the server from the server list
  • Warning messages related to the Central Server connection not being available