Making Custom Maps

MapLoaderSetup is used to create map bundles for use in “custom” mode. Using MapLoaderSetup is easy and you’ll be ready to play on your custom map in no time!

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the plugin here and drop it into the plugins/ directory. Make sure that the Hunger Games plugin is NOT in there, or it will not work.

The steps to create a map bundle are all available in-game if you do /help, or they’re available on this page. The steps are as follows:


  1. Set spawn points
  2. Set breakable blocks
  3. Set a start block (optional)
  4. Save the map

  1. Set spawn points

    1. To add a spawnpoint, stand in the desired spawn point in-game and do /spawnpoint add. It will print out the ID of the spawn point you just created.
    2. To remove a spawnpoint, do /spawnpoint remove
    3. To clear all spawn points, do /spawnpoint clear
    4. To teleport to a specific spawn point, do /spawnpoint tp
    5. To try out each spawn point to make sure everything is ready, do /spawnpoint scroll
  2. Set breakable blocks

    1. To add a breakable block, do /breakable add <NAME/ID> . For example, /breakable add stone
    2. To remove a breakable block, do /breakable remove <NAME/ID>
    3. To clear all breakable blocks, do /breakable clear
    4. To add a quick list containing leaves, vines, mushrooms, and tall grass, do /breakable green
    5. To see a list of current breakables, do /breakable list
    6. The shorthand for the /breakable command is /b
  3. Set a start block (optional)

    There are some maps that require redstone to be activated to do some flashing at the start or any other redstone mechanisms, and you can set a block to be set when the round begins.

    1. To choose the type of block that the start block should be changed to, do /startblock <NAME/ID>; for example /startblock redstone
    2. Right click on the block to be changed when the round begins.
    3. The shorthand for the /startblock command is /sb
  4. Save the map

    1. Do /savemap ; where is the name of the map that will be seen when players join the server and which will be seen on the server list. The map will save as plugins/MapLoaderSetup/
    2. The shorthand for the /savemap command is /save